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Tournament Checklist for Team Managers

2020 Team Info Sheet to give to your Team, Parents, and Guests

Fillable Participation Certificate for Your Team Members

Outside doors into Atlee High School have crash bars on them.  The teams will have to navigate these as they bring their props, scenery, etc. into the school building.

Elevator in the building; its use is restricted to individuals with disabilities.  Props, scenery and other challenge solutions cannot be carried up in the elevator.

Dry Ice is allowed with appropriate safety measures.  Dry Ice may NOT be disposed of in the school building.  It must leave the school grounds with your team at the end of the day.  See the Rules of the Road for details.

Classroom Materials: Per Rules of the Road, teams may not use any materials found in classrooms. Your team must bring everything it needs to repair items.  Please do not ask to use scissors or tape or anything from classrooms within the building.

Tournament Forms:  Make sure you have all required forms needed for your challenge.  Atlee High School will NOT have a photocopier available. Keep 1 copy of paperwork. Advancing teams will need them.

Commons Areas: There are not enough tables for every team.  Please do not monopolize the tables or reserve them for your team(s).  Let everyone have a chance to use the tables and chairs to eat and rest.

Outdoors: Please bring blankets, sweatshirts, and outdoor games.  There will be about 175 teams.  Plan to spend time outside.  Dress warm.

Props: Props must be stored in Prop Storage.  Do not store props in Common Areas or in the Halls unless your Challenge is assigned to use a Hallway for Prop Storage.  All parts of your presentation must be able to fit through standard doors and be able to be carried up stairs. Once you have presented your Challenge, remove props and scenery from building.

Trees: Please do not allow team members and supporters to climb the trees around the school.  It is unsafe for the kids and not good for the trees.

Money: Souvenir Sales will have a variety of DI pins, items, and T-shirts. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  The Food Trucks on site for lunch will accept cash and may or may not accept credit cards.

Lost and Found – If you find or lose anything, go to the Registration Table.

First Aid – First Aid kits will be at all Challenge Sites, Sales, and Registration table.

SPECIAL NEEDS– Any team who has a team member, manager, or visitor with special needs should immediately notify Amy Hite at 

Atlee Office – Please do not call the school asking for information about the Tournament.  The secretaries in the front office do not know the answers.  If you have questions, contact your Regional Director.

Good luck at the tournament!!

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