Destination Imagination:

  • Is dedicated to fostering students’ curiosity, courage, and creativity through open-ended STEM, fine arts, and service learning Challenges.
  • Encourages teams of learners to have fun and take risks while performing these Challenges in front of Appraisers (judges).
  • Reinforces the ideas of 1. learning patience 2. being flexible 3. being persistent 4. having ethics, and 5. respecting others and their ideas.

What exactly does an Appraiser do? Appraisers…

  • Do everything from preparing a team to perform, to scoring them on their performance, to announcing them to an audience.
  • Observe a team’s creativity, ability to complete a task, and use of teamwork while presenting their Challenge solution.

What we ask our Northwest Appraisers to do:

  • Have a blast!
  • Plan for 2 “Sat-DI-days” (February for Training and March for the NW Regional Tournament).
  • Sit back and enjoy the free food, chocolate, nifty t-shirt, new friendships, giving back to the community, and the amazing opportunity to watch children being “off-the-hook” creative crazy!
  • Tell someone about DI! Bring them along to Training! Become members of the NW Region DI Rah!Rah! Squad and get a really cool badge. Wahoo!!

What to Expect at Training:  We want you to:                                

  • Feel comfortable to jump right in when our spirited training session starts.
  • Learn about our Region and your Challenge.
  • Meet your fellow Appraisers.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Leave training with the tools to help evaluate, enjoy, and validate the creative efforts of our Northwest Region teams.

What to Expect Tournament Day: You usually start between 7:00 – 7:30 a.m., grab some breakfast, and then head off to the Challenge Site. You are there until all your Challenge’s teams have competed.  You go home after an unforgettable day.

Finally, why be a Northwest Appraiser?  Because they… Love children… Believe in brave efforts…Reward what “was done” instead of “what was not”…Commit selfless hours to a program that is totally without compare… Know that there are never enough ways to thank them…    

Please join us.
Thank you.

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