Last Minute Reminders

 In tournament

Please read this entire email. There are many important pieces of information in here.

The following information is now available:

Photo/Medical Release forms

All teams already should have turned in their Photo/Medical Release forms at their regional tournaments. Your Regional Director will bring these forms to the state tournament. You do not need to fill out a new form.

Appraisers and Adult Helpers

All the Adult Helpers AND Appraisers should have been contacted by now. If your Adult Helper and/or Appraiser have not been contacted – please let me know immediately! We need ALL of them!

I received some questions regarding forms.

The Tournament Data form is part of the actual challenge – it is located at the end of the challenge. Your team filled this out for regionals. You can either use the same one – or write up a new one if they made any changes. You need five copies of this.

Expense form – this can be the same if no additional changes were made to the solution. If they used new items, etc, you will need a new form – located in Rules of the Road

Declaration of Independence – you need 2 copies – and these must be signed again for each tournament- located in Rules of the Road. You must have new ones signed by each team member for the affiliate tournament.

Instant Challenge

This year we may not be able to have a Chill Out room. Please be aware of this. If we can, please note that TMs are NOT allowed in the Chill Out room with their team. This is the way it is done at Globals.

I strongly recommend each team practice ICs!! ICs get more difficult at each level.

Global Finals

If your team is eligible to advance to Global Finals, information will be emailed to you by either Sunday, April 6 or Monday, April 7. At the Awards Ceremony, Team Managers will need to come up with their teams to receive their trophy and medals. The TM will then pick up their Global Information book, along with other items. There will NOT be a post-award Globals meeting for TMs this year. All information will be emailed.

If you have any questions, feel free to call (540-270-7249) or email (

See you all next week!




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