The Virginia Finals Buddy Team program pairs teams across the state in order to foster an experience of friendship, sportsmanship, and exchange at Virginia Finals. Teams are matched based on their level of participation and, where possible, in a different Challenge. Buddy teams are expected to complete the Virginia Finals Buddy Team Challenge and support their buddy team by attending their buddy team’s Central Challenge.

To participate in this optional activity, please register using your RYT tournament registration.  There is a place to check that you want to participate on the form.

 Click Here for the 2021 Buddy Team Challenge!


The Mary Ann Schill Buddy Team Sponsorship provides $1000 awards for Virginia teams attending Destination Imagination’s annual Global Finals. Sponsorships are selected at random from the pool of qualified teams. To qualify for consideration, a team must meet the following requirements:

  1. Register to become a buddy team by answering YES on your RYT state tournament registration!
  2. Complete the buddy challenge at the tournament.
  3. Be recommended by your Virginia Finals buddy team. This recommendation requires that you participate in certain activities at Virginia Finals with your buddy team and that your buddy team completes the sponsorship recommendation form.
  4. Qualify for Global Finals.

If both buddy teams qualify and either team is selected, both teams receive a $1000 sponsorship. Sponsorship winners are notified 10 days after Virginia Finals. The sponsorship is paid directly into the team’s Global Finals account using proceeds from the Mary Ann Schill Virginia Destination Imagination Fund.*

* The Mary Ann Schill Virginia Destination Imagination Fund was established by friends and family of Mary Ann Schill for the purposes of supporting activities that promote sportsmanship and inter-team cooperation and exchange for Destination Imagination (DI) in Virginia. As a team manager in the Jefferson Region from 2003 to 2015, Mary Ann Schill provided uncommon enthusiasm and wholehearted commitment to the mission of the DI Program.  Following a cancer diagnosis in 2014, she continued to manage a team–even through their participation in Virginia Finals the week she passed away in March 2015. She was motivated by her firm belief in the unique power of the DI program to foster individual growth and intra- and inter-team cooperation and exchange. She was a strong advocate of the Spirit of DI by encouraging “outstanding and extraordinary levels of sportsmanship, volunteerism and spirit.”

The Mary Ann Schill Virginia Destination Imagination Fund is maintained as an endowment fund with ImpactAssets and managed by the Michael Schill Family. Tax-deductible contributions can be made to The Mary Ann Schill Virginia Destination Imagination Fund, 5791 Sugar Hollow Rd., Crozet, VA 22932 with “ImpactAssets” as the payee. Please contact with any questions.

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