If you’re a DI Alumnus from Virginia and you’d like to stay involved, make sure you register as an active alumnus.  DI Alumni will be making a splash this year at the Affiliate tournament, and you won’t want to miss it!

You should also consider volunteering at the next regional or affiliate tournament.  Alumni make the best appraisers!

Who are DI Alumni?

DI Alumni are people who have competed in DI before but, for one reason or another, have decided not to compete any more. You can be a DI Alumnus and still be in high school!

What can DI Alumni do in Virginia?

DI Virginia is excited to offer some great volunteer opportunities for Alumni.  This year, high school DI alumni may appraise in a non-scoring position if they meet the following requirements:

  1. They have competed in the DI flagship program at least once.
  2. They are not competing at any DI competition during this tournament season.
  3. They are a high school senior.
  4. They attend this year’s Appraiser Training day in any DIVA region.

See the list of volunteer positions below.

Why should I be an active Alumnus in Virginia?

If you had fun competing in DI tournaments, wait until you see how much fun the Appraisers are having. Appraisers get to spend the day being entertained by creative kids! If your high school or scout troop requires community service hours, DI tournaments are a great place to volunteer. Active Alumni are also eligible to apply for the DIVA University Student Scholarship. The DIVA Alumni have some fun events coming up. You’ll want to stay up to date on the next meet-ups, because this year we’re going to make a splash!

How can Alumni stay up-to-date on volunteer opportunities and alumni news?

Register as an active DIVA Alumnus by filling out the electronic form. This will help us find the volunteer roles that are most appropriate for you!

DIVA Volunteer Positions:

Under 18, not a DI Alumnus:

  • Assistant Team Manager
  • Tournament site setup

DI Alumnus (high school senior):

All of the above positions, PLUS…

  • Timekeeper/Announcer (Central Challenge or Instant Challenge)
  • Check in Appraiser
  • Prep Area Appraiser
  • Appraisal Team Organizer
  • Number Cruncher
  • Chill Out Appraiser
  • Holding Room Appraiser
  • Checker Table Appraiser
  • Structure Check-in Appraiser*
  • Adult Tournament Helper (2-hour shift, excluding doorkeepers)

Over 18:

All of the above positions, PLUS…

  • Structure Check-in Appraiser
  • Team Challenge Appraiser
  • Instant Challenge Appraiser
  • Weight Placement Appraiser
  • Team Manager
  • School Coordinator
  • Challenge Master
  • Doorkeeper

Over 21:

  • Challenge Writer

*Only if the current challenge master guide specifies this as a non-scoring role

Remember—ALL appraisers, whether they are alumni or not, MUST attend appraiser’s training each year. Scoring appraisers will not be allowed appraise a challenge in which their relative is competing, so appraisers will not be able to see their relative’s team perform. Also, no appraisers may be competing on a DI team during the tournament season that they appraise.

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