2018 Tournament Registration is Open!

 In Central, Jefferson, Northern Virginia, Northwest, Southwest, Tidewater, tournament

2018 Regional Tournament Registrations are OPEN!

The time has come! The RegisterYourTeam.org system is up and running for all six regions in Virginia. RegisterYourTeam.org is integrated with all ShopDI accounts for a seamless transfer of information for all memberships! You now only need one login to access the DI Resources area as well as to register your team for a Regional Tournament.

Coordinators & Purchasers: You must log into Resources and add at least one Team Manager to each of your Teams. Doing this will allow the RegisterYourTeam.org system to recognize the Team Managers when they begin their registration. You should also forward this email on to any Team Managers that are not in the system already, otherwise they will not get this very important information.

Team Managers: If you did not purchase the Membership for your team, make sure you create a DI Account and that you use the SAME EMAIL address that your Coordinator/Purchaser used when they assigned you to a Team.

New This Year…

Membership numbers allow you to have access to all Challenges in digital form, but in order to receive your printed materials, you must set your chosen Challenge in Resources. To download a Challenge, pick it from the drop-down list and hit “VIEW.” If you are ready to lock in your Challenge and receive the printed version, pick it from the list and hit “SHIP.” This Challenge setting will carry over into RegisterYourTeam.org so if you change it in Resources, make sure your Tournament Registration matches up and your team is placed in the correct Challenge for the Tournament.

Once a Team Manager is added into the DI System, they can now go on and start their Regional Tournament Registration at….


Team Members: Each Team Member must also be individually added into the system. Team Managers can send parents to RegisterYourTeam.org to do this. They simply click on the “Participants” link in the bottom right hand part of the welcome screen, enter their child’s Team Number and take it from there. Team Managers can also use this handy form to collect information in advance and then manually add the Members of their team themselves.

Appraisers & Support Volunteers: It takes a small army of dedicated volunteers to pull off a Destination Imagination Tournament. All Virginia Regions require that each team submit at least one full-day volunteer to be an Appraiser of Challenge solutions (Don’t worry, we will train them sufficiently!). Most regions also require that each team submit a Support Volunteer that helps in a non-Appraising position for a short shift of 2-3 hours on Tournament day (Don’t worry, we schedule them so they can still see their kid’s team present).

Visit your Region’s page on DIVirginia.org to see what your tournament requirements are. Here is a handy list for you:

You can send your Appraisers and Support Volunteers to the same page (RegisterYourTeam.org) but they will need to look in the bottom right part of the screen for links for their Registration. Make sure you give them your team number so they will be automatically assigned to your team!

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