Virginia Finals Tournament Schedule

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At long last it is here. After a season of full of postponements due to Mother Nature’s cold, harsh fury, we have completed the Tournament Schedule and Handbook for this weekend’s tournament. Thank you all for being patient with us as we scrambled to get the last teams imported this past weekend. We did our best to handle all of the team conflicts requested and we sincerely apologize for any tight turnarounds you may have to endure. This is a big tournament and your understanding is much appreciated… after all flexibility is a HUGE part of creativity, right?

DI Virginia makes this program a priority for the kids involved and we only ask that, for one spectacular day, you do the same.

So without further ado, here it is in PDF format. We will have hard copies at the tournament, but we have limited quantities to save money so feel free to print out a copy of the map and your teams’ schedule pages.

Download the Program Schedule Here

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