2 Day to Go!

 In tournament

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Props/scenery, etc may be brought into the building about ONE HOUR prior to your team’s scheduled time. We have 170 teams this year and the hallways will get crowded. We do have Prop Storage rooms for each challenge. In order to keep these rooms and hallways clear, with as little clutter as possible, we ask that you abide by this to allow for easy movement, and to give all teams space to store their props prior to their scheduled time.

Keep in mind that ALL props and scenery must fit through a standard doorway

PLEASE – DO NOT SAVE TABLES IN THE CAFETERIA. There are not enough for every team to sit down at once. Again – we have 170 teams and it would be nice if everyone shared and got up from the table once you are done eating.

It is going to be a VERY nice spring day. Feel free to bring picnic blankets, chairs, etc and sit outside!

Don’t forget – we have our Opening Ceremony at 8 am in the gym. Parade line up is at 7:45 am.  Teams will be announced by SCHOOL.

Good luck to all teams and remember – HAVE FUN!!! Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!!!

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