Team Manager Training  a New Way

Going to a DI team manager training in your pajamas?  Seems like a nightmare you had last week?  But now, it’s more like a dream come true!

Here in Virginia, we are lucky enough to have access to some excellent online trainings for Team Managers. For the third year running, the Los Angeles region in California has offered on-line, webinar training sessions covering topics like managing disagreements on your team, how to effective read through your challenge as well as figuring out the Rules of the Road.

Training sessions are open to all team managers and co-managers and are offered starting in October and running through February.  “It’s tough for team managers, who are spread out all over the region to get together and learn about best practices from each other, so we wanted to create a way for brand-new as well as experienced managers improve their skills without requiring them to leave the house.” said Neil McMahon, co-director of the LA-DI Land region.

As the topics progress, the training gets more advanced, going into some of the more difficult and at times problematic topics like interference, managing your parents and recruiting appraisers and volunteers for your tournament.  The last two training sessions mirror the experiences of the teams in January and February, including pushing through those last few frantic weeks as well as tips to get you ready for the tournament.  Part of the challenge with so many different experience levels is to make the training relevant for experienced managers without overwhelming folks who are brand new to the program.  Not an easy task, but the training sessions have received high marks from new and experienced managers alike.

Any interested team managers are welcome to join the sessions this year.  Dates and times are listed below and links to register for each are listed below.

To join these webinars, you will need to register for each one.  All session start at 7:30 pm and end at 8:45 pm

Recordings of Last Year’s Webinars:  Click on link and then click on the  download button in the upper right hand corner to download  video and the view on your device.

* Download the video from the DropBox page, and view the video in your video player on your computer.  If you view the video with the Drop Box window viewer you will only see the first 15 minutes.

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